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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Adjunct Academy at UVa

Did you know that UVa's School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Northern Virginia Center, offers a series of one-week, non-credit courses on teaching and learning specifically for adjunct faculty? There are eight courses offered, and if you complete 7 of 8, you earn a certificate of completion from UVa. The courses are on interesting and useful topics like how to teach adult learners, how to teach dynamic online classes, how to design effective syllabi, and how to manage classroom dynamics. The courses are inexpensive ($149 per course) and you take them online via Blackboard (so they are also a chance to experience distance learning from a student's perspective, which is always eye-opening). You can find more information here.

If anyone has already taken any of these courses, please comment--how did you like them?

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Anonymous said...

$149 for a one week course is "in expensive"???