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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Work/Life Balance and Online Teaching

Debbie Naquin passed along a blog post and short discussion from the Chronicle about teaching online and how to manage your time so that you are not working 24/7. What strategies do you use to stay responsive to your students while also keeping reasonable work hours to avoid burnout? Or, where have you made mistakes on this front, so others can avoid them?

One thing I do that helps a lot is sending my weekly message to the class. Sending one big set of announcements each week means fewer individual questions to answer as I go.

One thing I'm planing to start is keeping a file where I include text I've sent to students on common questions. (For example, every semester I have to explain the difference between income and wealth and why the racial wealth gap is increasing even while the income gap is down.) This way, I can not only reuse (or slightly edit, depending on the student's error) these answers during one semester, but also use them across semesters. I'm sure many of you are way ahead of me on that one...I just somehow never got around to starting the file until now.

Please share your tips and mistakes! I know we could all use some timesavers.

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