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Friday, February 13, 2009

Did you notice the EMPL IDs in Blackboard?

Here's some Friday good news: In case you haven't noticed yet, student EMPL IDs now appear in the Blackboard Grade Center. (When you click on a student's user details, you'll see it.) This should make your lives easier when you are reporting W's or grade changes to the Course Specialists--you'll no longer have to look at another roster or log into PeopleSoft to get the EMPL ID. You can thank your fellow ELI faculty member Diane Thompson for asking me to raise this request at the state level. I did so, we discussed it at a VCCS committee meeting, approved it, and it was implemented the next day! It's nice when things work out so smoothly. Now, if we can only get that BB/SIS integration thing taken care of...

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