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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Sitcom about Community Colleges?

Dean Dad, among other things in this post, alerts us to an upcoming NBC sitcom about community colleges (starring Chevy Chase... an odd choice). What do you think? Likely to help or hurt our cause?


Anonymous said...

Let's see, what's on TV (not that I watch it much but can safely predict)

A hospital based drama or sitcom
A police department based drama or sitcom
A law firm based drama or sitcom

I don't think Dexter hurts the cause for serial killers. (which by the way, Dexter, is an incredible show.)
Does Weeds do the pot community bad? Uh, no.

Is this show going to make CC's look bad, is it bad for the cause? More than likely the network will screw it up. But don't you think you should take a step back and maybe laugh a little at yourself?

I think that's what's wrong with CC's. At least NVCC, you take yourself too seriously.

When you have a 30 year old professor who thinks it's going to be a good idea to pair up a 47 year-old, full-time working manager at a prestigious DC company with an 18 year-old girl who has on clothes that have less material than my boxers, because it's some kind of great social experiment, you're bound to get some laughs out of that.

Truth, reality, can be very funny. And accurate. Don't be so afraid of your secrets being exposed. They couldn't possibly portray anything worse than it is.

Jennifer Lerner said...

Wow... well, I didn't mean to suggest that I'm afraid of revealing our secrets or anything like that. Just that there are myths out there about community colleges that can be damaging to the students who attend them, the four-year colleges that consider those students' applications, the employers who considering hiring those students, etc., and so I hope that the community college will be portrayed as valuable and essentially good (even while making fun of its flaws and ironies) by this show.