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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Welcome to the New Academic Year

So here we are, back again... although most of you who teach for ELI didn't take the summer off! As always, the new academic year will bring with it new initiatives, fresh challenges (and some perennial ones), and hopefully a renewed appreciation for why we have chosen to work at one of the nation's top community colleges.

Our fall faculty meeting is coming up next week. I'll send a reminder email late this week or early next week with the links, date/time reminders, etc. Meanwhile, please let me know (post a comment or drop me an email) if there are particular questions you have or issues you have heard about and want to better understand, and I'll see if I can fit them into the faculty meeting (or inform you about them another way).


Don Gregory said...

I'm very interested in knowing what, if anything, has come of the plan to synch Blackboard with PeopleSoft to remove as well as add students. This issue came up at our Division meeting today. I hope the good news we heard a few months ago is still true!

ADmin said...

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