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Friday, June 6, 2008

Online Course Design Tutorial

A recent posting on the Tomorrow's Professor listserv alerted me to this resource you might be interested in:


It's an online tutorial to help you design "effective and innovative" courses. The tutorial designers teach geoscience courses, so it would probably be especially effective for science faculty (and in fact, there are a lot of links on specific science disciplines which provide materials you might find useful in your teaching, separate from whether you use the actual tutorial or not--see the link list on the left). The website claims, though, that the tutorial uses a variety of examples and is useful for any discipline.

As far as I can see, the tutorial is focused on f2f classes, but I'm sure that the basic course design/revision process it outlines would be equally useful for planning an online course--you'd just be using different types of assignments and activities.

I'd be interested to hear whether you think this is a useful tool, if you have a chance to look through it. (And instructional designers--what do you think?)

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Bob said...

I used some of the ideas in this tutorial in the hybrid seminar last week. We spent about 30 minutes looking at a course content summary and brainstorming the unwritten "over-arching goals" for what students would be able to do in real life beyond the final exam. Everyone seemed to think this was helpful.