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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Online Teaching Blogs

Bob Loser passed along to me the link for Teach Online (http://teachonline2008.blogspot.com/), a blog by an online teacher. It is one of those blogs that mixes posts on the topic (e.g., a recent discussion of when to give Incompletes and when to give extra credit) with personal updates (dental work, family events, etc.). If you enjoy blogs or just don't mind skipping over the personal stuff, you might want to take a look.

On the blog roll (translation for folks who don't read blogs: a blog roll is a list of blogs you read or recommend, usually posted on the side of your blog near the archives and other blog menus) of Teach Online, I found a couple of others that looked promising:

Lisa's Online Teaching Blog (http://lisahistory.net/wordpress/) seems to be very focused on pedagogical issues (learning styles, students' technology knowledge, student evaluations, etc.).

Online Adjuncting (http://onlineadjuncting.blogspot.com/), as its name suggests, is particularly focused on the experiences you might have doing this work as an adjunct, although its pedagogical discussions would likely be of interest to anyone.

Just thought I'd share these in case anyone feels like getting hooked on blogs this summer! :)

1 comment:

Laura said...

I took a look at the Online Adjuncting blog. Wow, she sounds like a real b***h! If she expresses those kinds of complaints about students to here students, it is no wonder her students think she is a b***h. But perhaps a blog is just the place to vent. It seems that every one of her entries is something else to complain about.