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Friday, August 15, 2008

Getting "More" Out of Google

Have you ever clicked the "More" link on Google?

Go to http://www.google.com/ and you'll see, on the top left corner, links to all of Google's special search services. (You'll start out on "Web," which is probably what you normally use.) You can click "Images" to do a Google search only for pictures of various kinds. You can click "Maps" for Google Maps, which has some neat features that MapQuest and other sites don't offer. "News" and "Shopping" provide what you might imagine.

But you can really find some neat stuff if you click "More." You can view video clips like on YouTube, join groups of people with interests similar to yours, preview books, use Google Scholar (a search engine that finds scholarly resources, including finding journal articles and then linking to a list of other articles that cite that article, like the old Web of Science did), or use a search engine specifically designed to find blogs--and that only mentions a few of the searches and tools you'll find there. It's worth exploring! Something to check out this weekend while you avoid finishing your syllabi for your campus classes. :)

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