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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Support Blog for Online Students

Joan Trabandt passed this blog along to me:


It's sponsored by Western Governors University and offers advice for online students on things like healthy eating, writing, and communicating with professors and college staff from a distance. It's pitched at a rather advanced level, in my opinion--I think many ELI students would find it inaccessible or uninteresting. (How many students do you have who would keep reading a post that began with: "What better source than a PhD candidate who has ‘been there, done that’ to help you through the fine points of goal setting?") However, some of your more advanced students, especially returning adults, might enjoy it. Consider passing it along!

And more generally, take a look and tell me what you think. Does it give you any ideas for ways we could better support ELI students? Should WE have a blog for our students, for example?


Miriam said...

Here are a few random thoughts:
* Great is theory
* The posts are too long
* The posts are written at a level above our standard undergrad student. I don't think they would get much out of it.
* I think something written in a more parent hack style offering tips and tricks to stay ahead, rather than long narrative paragraphs would be more useful to students. (www.parenthacks.com)

That is my $.02 worth.

Anonymous said...

Three of the first four comments are by "Henry." That illuminates a blog issue for me--the same few people create a circle of concerned bloggers, but one that does not draw in many outsiders.

Yes the level is too high for our students, but of course such a blog could be written aimed at their level. I think that is a good idea, especially if a counselor facilitates the blog.
Diane Thompson

Laura said...

That idea about an ELI counselor facilitating a student blog for our ELI students is a GREAT! I say YES, ELI should set up such a student blog NOW - and get the word out for our Fall students.