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Monday, August 11, 2008

Stupidity, Literacy, and Technology

I was just reading the most recent post over at Geeky Mom (http://geekymom.blogspot.com/), and she's pointed out an article you all might find of interest. "Thomas Benton," Chronicle columnist, has written an essay about several recent books describing the illiteracy, ignorance, etc. of the American public, including some discussion of whether modern technologies are part of the problem. As heavy users of these technologies, of course, we all have a stake in this debate! You can read the article at http://chronicle.com/jobs/news/2008/08/2008080101c.htm. What do you think?

And as an aside, you might enjoy reading Geeky Mom's blog in general. From what I can tell, her job is at least fairly similar to that of our instructional designers at ELI, so in addition to her discussions of technologies and tech trends you might find interesting, it can give you a window into how the professionals who help you learn to use technology and design your courses effectively feel about working with faculty, and some of the frustrations faculty (usually inadvertently) give them.

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