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Monday, August 25, 2008

Student Webpages in Blackboard

As many of you probably know, in Blackboard, students can create their "homepage," which is a short profile where they can fill in an introduction, personal interests, favorite websites, a photo of themselves, etc. I have my students do this instead of posting an introductory letter; they seem to find it more fun.

Nancy Hoagland just shared with me a quick video tutorial she made for students on how to create their homepage in your Blackboard site. If you ever want to try requiring this in your course, you might find the video useful to share with students. You can find it at: http://www.nvcc.edu/home/nvhoagn/homepage.html.

Thanks, Nancy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jennifer and Nancy. I have asked students to do this for quite a while, and lately more of them are having more difficulties doing it, so with your gracious permission, I will send them to the url for your instructions. Diane Thompson

Laura said...

In the past, I have invited students to make such webpages in the course site. I did not require it and found that few actually did make such pages. Unless I am missing something, it seems the only way to view any such pages is through the class roster list in the course site. This list provides a link to student webpages. However, the link is ACTIVE even if they did not create such a page. I spent a lot of wasted time clicking links only to discover there was no webpage to view. So I stopped looking for student webpages in the course site and thus no longer bother even inviting students to create such pages. Why can't Bb only show active links IF the student has actually created such a page? That would be much more efficient!
(can we put together an "wish list" to forward on to Bb?)